ETEKA: RISE OF THE IMAMBA© is a literary thriller that is part historical fiction. Similar titles regarding themes, plot and narrative would include Frederick Forsyth's Day of the Jackal and War Dogs; Mario Puzo's Godfather, Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo Trilogy, Vladimir Bartol's Alamut and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The core of the story begins in colonized Nigeria during the Cold War, and takes its diverse set of characters on a journey spanning three continents and two generations. The default language in the novel is English, but to stay true to the story the different languages from various regions in the plot are also portrayed. In addition, the novel also serves as a great learning tool, as key historical events are highlighted throughout the story.

Prepare to be transported into a world set in various locations across Africa, the United States, England and Asia during the Cold War tensions of the 1950s and the post-Cold War era of the 1990s. Within the adventure you will read about mercenaries, philosophers, arms dealers, secret societies, wars, dictators, child soldiers, assassins, and so much more; all packaged within a story that touches on love, hate, greed, deception and destiny. 

This novel is a gritty, exciting piece of literary fiction. I have successfully packaged the right combination of the following elements: leading characters that are diverse and from different nationalities, a plethora of fact checked historical references, a story that spans 14 locations around the world, amazing detailed character illustrations, and a classic thriller filled with suspense and great action scenes! I have purposefully taken my time over the past 6+ years to combine all the above elements into one unique story, and I want to share my work with you and the world!

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